Silhouette Threads

Course Overview

Course Title: Silhouette Instalift Thread Lift Techniques and Safety for Pharmacists

Target Audience: Licensed Pharmacists

Duration: 2-day intensive course

Objective: Equip pharmacists with the necessary theoretical and practical skills for safe and effective Silhouette Instalift Thread Lift procedures.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Silhouette Instalift Thread Lifts (2 hours)

    • Background and history of thread lifts, with a focus on Silhouette Instalift
    • Understanding the use of thread lifts as a non-surgical facelift alternative
    • Regulatory aspects of Silhouette Instalift use

Understanding Silhouette Instalift Threads (2 hours)

    • Material and structure of Silhouette Instalift threads
    • Mechanism of action and expected results

Facial Anatomy and Physiology (3 hours)

    • Detailed understanding of facial layers and structures
    • Importance of recognizing vascular and nerve structures for safe thread insertion

Patient Consultation and Evaluation (2 hours)

    • Identifying suitable candidates for Silhouette Instalift procedures
    • Assessing patients’ aesthetic concerns and managing expectations
    • Informed consent and documentation

Thread Lift Procedure (3 hours)

    • Preparation of treatment area
    • Marking of entry and exit points
    • Thread insertion techniques

Hands-on Practice (4 hours)

    • Marking of treatment area on medical mannequins
    • Practice of thread insertion techniques
    • Simulating patient communication during the procedure

Management of Side Effects and Complications (2 hours)

    • Common side effects and how to manage them
    • Identifying and managing complications and adverse reactions

Post-treatment Care and Follow-up (2 hours)

    • Guidelines for post-treatment care
    • Scheduling follow-up and managing long-term treatment plans

Legal and Ethical Considerations (2 hours)

    • Understanding legal requirements and potential liabilities
    • Ethical considerations in aesthetic treatments
    • Privacy and patient rights


  • Written Exam: Multiple-choice questions based on the course content (1 hour)
  • Practical Exam: Supervised Silhouette Instalift procedure on a medical mannequin (30 minutes)

Prerequisites: Participants need to be licensed pharmacists and must present proof of valid licensure. Prior to the course, it is recommended that they review basic facial anatomy and physiology.

As always, this course should be reviewed for compliance with local regulations and requirements for Silhouette Instalift Thread Lift procedures.