Update on Petition - Email to the ACP Registrar and President July 18th 2023

Dear ACP Registrar and President,

I trust this email finds you well.

As the president of the Alberta Cosmetic Pharmacist Association (ACPA), I write to you about the ongoing debate concerning the proposed ban on pharmacists’ involvement in aesthetic practices.

Acknowledging that you are aware of the recent petition titled “Oppose the ACP’s Ban on Pharmacists’ Practice in Aesthetics, Your Voice Matters,” I wish to emphasize the impact it has had within our community. To date, we have received a considerable amount of support, with the petition garnering a total of 759 signees, which include many respected professionals and esteemed stakeholders within our profession. A comprehensive list of all signees is attached for your perusal.

We kindly ask you to take these voices into account during the forthcoming discussion of the new standard drafts. The sheer volume of signees underlines the deep-seated concern regarding the potential ban on pharmacists’ aesthetic practices.

In addition, I would like to revisit the topic of my earlier correspondence with Mr. Eberhart, where I encouraged the development of a comprehensive framework for aesthetic injection practices within our professional standards. Rather than implementing a sweeping ban, we propose focusing on improving regulations and bolstering training to ensure the safest and most effective practices.

Our primary goal is to collaboratively work with the ACP to construct an inclusive environment where pharmacists can confidently and competently deliver all aspects of their profession, including aesthetic care.

I have attached the list of petition signees and my previous letter to Mr. Eberhart for your consideration.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. We sincerely hope that our collective voice resonates during your discussions and look forward to the outcomes of these deliberations.

 I recently sent you a signed copy of my book, “The Ultimate Guide for Laser and IPL in the Aesthetic Field.” I hope it has been received and found to be informative. I am open and look forward to any feedback or insights you might have about it.

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